Taylor Morris

Taylor Morris, Luge, Olympian

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Taylor Morris just finished 18th place in the U.S. singles luge in the 2018 Olympic Course. He broke his goal to break the top 20 in the luge event.

Growing up, Morris was a member of the Boy Scouts of America. His parents wanted him to finish all the requirements. When he was getting close to driving age, his parents made a deal with him. They said that he could get his license if he would earn his Eagle Scout.

In 2002, Utah had a theatre program boost to try to get young Utahns into the Olympics. Morris was a part of that and started in luge. He said that he had always had a desire to be an Olympian and up on the podium.

Luge is a lot like bobsledding. However, there is no protection if the rider makes a mistake. It is one of the oldest winter sports that the athlete lies on a sled on an icy track. There are no brakes and can be done in pairs or singles.

Morris was grateful for the experience of getting his Eagle. He shares, “I believe that I have learned as many life lessons as a Scout as I have in my 16 years of traveling the world.” Scouting taught him perseverance to keep going and working on goals. Morris missed the qualifications for the 2014 Olympics. However, He was able to make all the qualifications for this Olympics. In that same interview with scoutingmagazine.org he says, “There are so many times I thought of quitting and giving up,” he says. “But persevere through the tough times and come out a champion to yourself and those who support you.”

Morris has competed in Germany, Canada, and Austria. He is gone most of the year traveling for work or for his sport.

Morris is from Salt Lake City, Utah. Some interesting facts about him are that he has never skied or snowboarded. He is colorblind. Morris has also served in the Military.

Keep up with him during the Olympics to follow his progress.

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