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There are many controversial topics when Mormon beliefs are discussed among people. These topics are not usually controversial for Mormons, but in many instances they are for others who have not been properly instructed about these principles. This section was written with the purpose of clarifying some of these beliefs to help all people to better understand the true message of Mormonism.

book mormonFor example, many think that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) are not Christians, and they have given them a nickname, “Mormons.” The name Mormons is derived from the Book of Mormon, an ancient book of scripture translated by Joseph Smith, and used by Mormons in addition to the Bible and other modern works. Since Mormons are the only group of Christians who consider the Book of Mormon a book of scripture, many use the book name Mormon to distinguish members of the LDS Church from other Christian faiths like Catholic or Protestant.

Members of the Mormon Church typically refer to themselves as Latter-day Saints instead of Mormons, but have reluctantly accepted the title of Mormons.

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