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What do Mormons believe? This is an important question to ask, considering the fact that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or Mormon Church) is one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

Joseph Smith MormonIn 1842, the Chicago Democrat editor John Wentworth requested information about the Mormon Church from its founder, Joseph Smith. A reply was sent, in which the prophet outlined key points pertaining to the history of said Church and included a list of 13 fundamental values of members of the Mormon faith. In time this collection of beliefs was formally adopted into the standard scriptures of the Church, and is known today as the Articles of Faith. Though not a summation of every doctrine adhered to by Mormons, the Articles of Faith nonetheless provide great insight into the basic theology that motivates actions of the Church.

Beyond addressing these elementary principles, the writing staff of have put their minds together in order to elaborate on some of the aspects of the Latter-day Saint (Mormon) faith. Friends of the Church may have encountered one or more of these traits and been curious about their significance. The goal of this website is to help satisfy such curiosity, to enhance understanding and friendship between people.

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Basic Mormon Beliefs


Baptism in Mormonism

Charity in Mormonism

Chastity in Mormonism

Faith in Mormonism

Families in Mormonism

Fasting in Mormonism

Forgiveness in Mormonism

Godhead (Trinity) in Mormonism

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Priesthood in Mormonism

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Sabbath in Mormonism

Ten Commandments

Testimony in Mormonism

Tithing in Mormonism

Word of Wisdom in Mormonism

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